Of dogs and husbands … not a good day

It never fails. If you are on the porcelain throne or hugging it, without fail, you are baked out to let out the dogs, or griped at. Women can not be sick! It is a conspiracy to slack off and not do what they are told. Heaven forbid you have to do a “sits” and the dogs want out. The “MEN” don’t believe that they should do their part! And then you have the woe is me syndrome where the man is the ONLY one who can be sick and for women it is just an excuse. If you tell they that something has to be done by them first to clean the house you run into a buzz saw!
I have had the chills for over four days now and according to the all powerful male I am disrespecting HIM! Yeah, I know this is a rant, but after being chewed out for the umpteenth time for “not making myself clear,” “ignoring the fact I have to use a cutting board,” on marble, for “Not doing what he “asks” (or rather demands),” I am the one who is in the wrong. Sorry, but this doesn’t cut it for me. Then to be told that if I DON’T do as he demands I can pack up and leave the house, which is in both our names! Sorry, but I won’t grovel to ANY man!


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