Again … Government telling us what to do …

They just came out with so called healthy guidelines for Americans. M. Obama is at it again. Kids need meat in their diet in order to develop their minds, muscles and bones. The key is not to cut out meat, but to not overeat one or the other but to keep it balanced. Many of us grew up on meat veggies and potatoes with a slice of bread and milk. It never hurt us. YET, the government (M. O. in particular) says kids should not eat meat because the animal the meat comes from is bad for the environment. Yeah, and we are all neanderthals! Look, the government who has no idea how to care for the earth is  again telling us how to raise our kids. If they hadn’t taken away sports (it can hurt the poor kids) and made it so schools only free time is study hall, maybe our kids would not be fat! Same with the rest of us! Sitting in front of the TV, Computers and driving everywhere instead of walking, biking and playing with your kids now THAT is what is wrong with us, not the food! And chemicals to make cows produce more milk, chickens to produce more eggs and grow bigger should not be a part of the animals diet since what they eat we eat! Think about it logically. Vegan is a lifestyle, and since we are born with BOTH canines and flat teeth it stands to reason we are not pure vegans. I am reminded of an idiot congress woman who demanded that a rancher should get his meat where everyone else did, at the grocery store. (And they allow people like that to reproduce and vote! Creator help us all!

Bing Rewards is no reward.

This a warning to all those who like signing up to rewards programs with companies whose tech support is NOT local. This is my sad tale of woe and warning.

I have been using Bing rewards long enough to accumulate over 6000 pts. I started (a week ago) to do my daily search and gain points, but suddenly nothing is tallying. Their excuse when I asked for help? I was not logged in, already had my points for the day, using a private web page and continuing to use the same searches everyday. Which is wrong since after two years I should know if I am doing any of these things. So, when I tell then this they come back with the same thing. It is now over a week and I still am not getting my points and they are refusing to help. If you are having this problem too, be my guest and re-post this for the benefit of others who might fall into this same trap!

Government control

I love the fact that people think that Government controlling our lives is so wonderful. They say those who are against it don’t know what they are talking about. OBAMA CARE! Supposedly there to get everyone on insurance. Problem being is that in order for it to work, the middle class is stuck paying for those who can’t pay, and there are those of use who have no jobs or whose income falls above nothing to below middle class who are not even eligible to apply! What about those people? The rich certainly don’t pay into it because they can afford the medical bills. Now OBAMA is going after the internet. Sure, you think it won’t happen? They said that this would never happen either. Obama is pushing through a bill which allows GOVERNMENT to TAX anything used, purchased or sold on the web. You will be charged for using it, and not just for the DHL! It is sad really that these people can convince the mass populace that the government is there to help them and all they have to do is give up their privacy, their control, their freedoms. I think there are those of us who know better but when we speak out we are called traitors, bigots, racists, terrorists.  Sorry, am none of those things, I just believe we can take care of ourselves, like our ancestors did when we first came to America to get away from these same problems. Think about it.

another day another blog …

Well, the day is a bright sunny -5 and the winds drop it down even further. On a day like this (after being sick all week) I really rather stay indoors. I don’t need the deep honking rattling cough to continue every few minutes (It is now down to ever few hours) and I want to actually feel like doing something around the house, aside from catching up on the sleep I haven’t gotten this last week! Thoughts will start up again in March and hopefully I won’t get sick again! I hate being sick in a small house with two big dogs who expect you to go around them rather than move for you. (Red will move when you step over her, she gets up and trips you!) Unfortunately the groundhog stated we were to have an extra long winter AND we are expecting another arctic chill going through this next week, so I guess I will hibernate another week or so before getting back to normal … stay warm!

Of dogs and husbands … not a good day

It never fails. If you are on the porcelain throne or hugging it, without fail, you are baked out to let out the dogs, or griped at. Women can not be sick! It is a conspiracy to slack off and not do what they are told. Heaven forbid you have to do a “sits” and the dogs want out. The “MEN” don’t believe that they should do their part! And then you have the woe is me syndrome where the man is the ONLY one who can be sick and for women it is just an excuse. If you tell they that something has to be done by them first to clean the house you run into a buzz saw!
I have had the chills for over four days now and according to the all powerful male I am disrespecting HIM! Yeah, I know this is a rant, but after being chewed out for the umpteenth time for “not making myself clear,” “ignoring the fact I have to use a cutting board,” on marble, for “Not doing what he “asks” (or rather demands),” I am the one who is in the wrong. Sorry, but this doesn’t cut it for me. Then to be told that if I DON’T do as he demands I can pack up and leave the house, which is in both our names! Sorry, but I won’t grovel to ANY man!