another day another blog …

Well, the day is a bright sunny -5 and the winds drop it down even further. On a day like this (after being sick all week) I really rather stay indoors. I don’t need the deep honking rattling cough to continue every few minutes (It is now down to ever few hours) and I want to actually feel like doing something around the house, aside from catching up on the sleep I haven’t gotten this last week! Thoughts will start up again in March and hopefully I won’t get sick again! I hate being sick in a small house with two big dogs who expect you to go around them rather than move for you. (Red will move when you step over her, she gets up and trips you!) Unfortunately the groundhog stated we were to have an extra long winter AND we are expecting another arctic chill going through this next week, so I guess I will hibernate another week or so before getting back to normal … stay warm!


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