Again … Government telling us what to do …

They just came out with so called healthy guidelines for Americans. M. Obama is at it again. Kids need meat in their diet in order to develop their minds, muscles and bones. The key is not to cut out meat, but to not overeat one or the other but to keep it balanced. Many of us grew up on meat veggies and potatoes with a slice of bread and milk. It never hurt us. YET, the government (M. O. in particular) says kids should not eat meat because the animal the meat comes from is bad for the environment. Yeah, and we are all neanderthals! Look, the government who has no idea how to care for the earth is  again telling us how to raise our kids. If they hadn’t taken away sports (it can hurt the poor kids) and made it so schools only free time is study hall, maybe our kids would not be fat! Same with the rest of us! Sitting in front of the TV, Computers and driving everywhere instead of walking, biking and playing with your kids now THAT is what is wrong with us, not the food! And chemicals to make cows produce more milk, chickens to produce more eggs and grow bigger should not be a part of the animals diet since what they eat we eat! Think about it logically. Vegan is a lifestyle, and since we are born with BOTH canines and flat teeth it stands to reason we are not pure vegans. I am reminded of an idiot congress woman who demanded that a rancher should get his meat where everyone else did, at the grocery store. (And they allow people like that to reproduce and vote! Creator help us all!


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