Bing Rewards is no reward.

This a warning to all those who like signing up to rewards programs with companies whose tech support is NOT local. This is my sad tale of woe and warning.

I have been using Bing rewards long enough to accumulate over 6000 pts. I started (a week ago) to do my daily search and gain points, but suddenly nothing is tallying. Their excuse when I asked for help? I was not logged in, already had my points for the day, using a private web page and continuing to use the same searches everyday. Which is wrong since after two years I should know if I am doing any of these things. So, when I tell then this they come back with the same thing. It is now over a week and I still am not getting my points and they are refusing to help. If you are having this problem too, be my guest and re-post this for the benefit of others who might fall into this same trap!


23 thoughts on “Bing Rewards is no reward.

    • Yeah. I am currently using up the (now) 4000 + points for Hulu plus. Think I have enough for the next two years without touching my checking account. Once it is gone though I will shut down. It still won’t give me points the way it is suppose to So far I have done over 60 searches and only gotten 5 points for my efforts. not good. We don’t have a StarBucks within 300 miles of us so that doesn’t work too well. Enjoy! πŸ˜€


      • Wait where are you based that there’s no Starbucks WOW! with 300 miles?!?! There’s 2 actual starbucks ‘stores’ & barnes & Noble has an ‘annex’ one (but they don’t take their gift cards only the B & N ones 😦 but yet there’s none on my side of the city! (


      • I am in the Dakotas (boarder of N&S. If you cross the tracks you are in the N side. And yes, It takes 2 hours one way to get to Bismarck and 3 1/2 to get to Rapid. All farm land in between. Dickenson is closer, but no Barnes&Nobel nor StarBucks there. We have a coffee shop in a flower store and one in an insurance co. but the first changed owners (Can’t stand her) while the second one the coffee is overpriced powdered drinks. Lousy coffee!


      • awww When I first started to notice them on tv they became one of my fave dogs (but I love huskies as they are the closest thing to actual wolves.) so I don’t know which is my #1.. maybe they are tied?

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      • I would love to have a wolf! I like all canines. I use to have a fox that would watch me from the time I crossed the road to catch the bus in Kindergarten to the time I crossed the road again when I got home. She did this til I was in High School and driving on my own.

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      • awwwww that’s cute!! But I guess the fox only stayed outside or did you guys have it in the house as a pet? We’ve always had cats the closest I ever had a dog was Rocky a husky from across the street that would always get out. Mom came to pick me up from school a couple of times with him. The other times is when family members have dogs. (like when house/pet sit for my aunt) My cat Tomjerry (the first I had who sat in front of a tire of my dad’s VW beetle like “take me home or run me over. he used to follow me all over my pop-pop’s yard that trip (we took him home obviously) and would sleep with me during my naps when i was little!

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      • We ended up with two of the original, Gray and Pepper (who stayed inside) and Cookie (my son’s “such a deal”) and finally my husband’s Luki (the only one we still have.) All the rest shared the food with the family of skunks who lived under our house. The dogs came in when we moved into town (two Boston Terriers, followed by two more and now the two we currently have (Not Bostons) )


      • Ok you guys are like my Aunt pam’s house .. a Zoo! Right now my Aunt has 4 cats & a dog (but the dog might not have much longer) in the past they’ve had Robin, a dog, Cats Snowball (which was my Grams until she moved into a home) Puffy which used to attack my feet when I slept on the couch) Jenny, her daughter diane has had 2 hamsters also a chinchilla and right now that’s all I can remember aside from the 2 birds they had when i was little (before my cousins were born)

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      • there are grants out there to help with projects like this, plus you should do fundraisers as well. Look up the local PITA groups to get the information. Don’t have to reinvent the wheel, just tweak it to suit your wishes. You should also have a large piece of property for this as well. Old buildings can be renovated to suit something like this. Good luck. Also, talk to CatsAtABar. They might have some advice in this area. πŸ˜€


      • I live in Yonkers nY which is about half hour 45 minutes away from NYC.. (I hate it) so not really much room around here to do it. I would pref. something I could do ‘privately’ where others can just come to volunteer that I personally would trust with the animals like family & friends. I know my aunt pam probably would volunteer as she alrady does at the shelter (which is not a no kill) but I would need loads of help from others. Plus I am trying to get on SS as I’ve been having health issues since 2011. (body.back hip Long story )

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      • So if you can find a building (warehouse or such) which can be fixed up you could actually turn it into a shelter. There would be plenty of room and if you design it like a flat you could set up areas for the cats/dogs etc. to play. Like partitioned rooms with places on the walls for the cats to climb through with little apartments on different levels. For dogs you can have a larger (or several larger) to give them space to run after balls and play tug of war. There are grants out there, especially if you can do it as a non-profit type of set up.
        Hope this helps.


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