Government control

I love the fact that people think that Government controlling our lives is so wonderful. They say those who are against it don’t know what they are talking about. OBAMA CARE! Supposedly there to get everyone on insurance. Problem being is that in order for it to work, the middle class is stuck paying for those who can’t pay, and there are those of use who have no jobs or whose income falls above nothing to below middle class who are not even eligible to apply! What about those people? The rich certainly don’t pay into it because they can afford the medical bills. Now OBAMA is going after the internet. Sure, you think it won’t happen? They said that this would never happen either. Obama is pushing through a bill which allows GOVERNMENT to TAX anything used, purchased or sold on the web. You will be charged for using it, and not just for the DHL! It is sad really that these people can convince the mass populace that the government is there to help them and all they have to do is give up their privacy, their control, their freedoms. I think there are those of us who know better but when we speak out we are called traitors, bigots, racists, terrorists.  Sorry, am none of those things, I just believe we can take care of ourselves, like our ancestors did when we first came to America to get away from these same problems. Think about it.


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