What we leave behind …

A friend passed away last Friday after a massive heart attack which took 80% of his heart. I listened to what some of the people said about him and was astounded by what this quiet man left behind. Not just a wife, or family, but an impression.

He was a minister of a small church in a dying town. He never pushed his beliefs on others but encouraged people by his actions. His small church not only handled his parishioners, but friendships, strength, encouragement, support and a non-judgmental attitude. Didn’t matter what you believed in or what your faith, he welcomed you to the community with open arms and took you under his wing if you needed support.

I have seen ministers, priests, rabbis and other religious leaders/preachers who preached your damnation, with hell fire and brimstone. They would condemn you before they would accept you. This man truly walked in the footsteps of the one called Jesus.

I now challenge you to think of what you will leave behind. The Egyptians left their statues, tombs, language. The Greeks left their scrolls and other art. Ancient man drew his/her life on the walls of caves. What do we leave for those who come after us? Even if it is only for our family and friends. Doesn’t matter if you are Christian, Muslim, Jew, Pagan or any other belief that exists. What will you do to be remembered.


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