Who am I?

One of my friends on the Blogging sites asked me to be a bit clearer as to who and what I am as a Wiccan. I think he has a point. I have been a pagan all my life, though I was suppose to be raised Catholic I was never truly comfortable with it. I have always been close to nature and never could get my mind around the one GOD theory. I also could not get my head around if the first human was a male and a female came from him, why do all males have only one chromosome and females have two. I began studying ancient religions (both polytheistic and monotheistic) at a very early age and became a closet “Wiccan” in my teens. I didn’t start studying magic until I was in my twenties. I tend to believe that is the best time to start those studies because you can settle down and actually learn something about it instead of declaring you are a witch and play with magic which can prove dangerous. I found that magic is not something I would or will use freely, but I know that I have the knowledge if I need it. As for my personal life … I am married with a son who towers over me and spends most of his time on the computer or sleeping which none of us like but can not change. I have three furbabies, Two dogs, One cat, who also give us a run for our money. I am a crafter which entails working on things that normally do not include modern tools or technology (unless a stove, electric mixer or other homemaker items are needed). Technology is NOT a friend to me, yet there are times when they are necessary. I love working with animals, horses, dogs, calves, cats and the like are my favs. I also enjoy working out of doors, swimming, horseback riding, dancing, music, singing, and want to learn drumming, the harp, the flute. I also do reenactment. Medieval, black-powder and steampunk (a recent idea). I hope this helps know more about me.


One thought on “Who am I?

  1. Well, it’s nice to get to know you. I’m fascinated by Wicca, (my daughter is a Wiccan). You’re certainly an interesting person, with a lot of fun interests. Thank you for sharing yourself and I look forward to enjoying your blog further. Oh and in fairness if you have any questions for Moi, feel free to ask…besides having 18 cats and a cat-dog. 😉

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