FB rants … and other aggravations

Now, I will preference this with a single comment … I USUALLY can understand why people gripe about authority figures, but this is WAY BEYOND that. It is close to what I would consider prejudice.

Now for why I put this up. I was on FB today and a friend related his experience with a cop. It could have gone badly if not for the fact that he was respectful and knew he was in the wrong. The end result, the cop joked about his empty holster and the weapon he freely admitted having in the car with him. Now I understand that it could have gone badly if he had been less than respectful and belligerent. So I am happy the out come was a good one. The problem was one of the posters who declared ALL COPS ARE EVIL and this one probably was too tired to be evil and shoot him. I told her that not all cops are bad and her comeback was “so that makes all rapists good” which made no sense at all. I wonder why people draw those conclusions? 1. She is Mexican (Last name gives me that hint.) 2. She had someone who was hurt by a cop and probably has no idea if that person had done something to deserve it (If she did she would still blame the cops) 3. She may be illegal and so looks at the law as not pertaining to her and finally 4. all the media hype which makes criminals out to be angels and cops to be bad.

All in all we are all human being ruled by emotions. There are bad cops but not all of them. If you are a criminal (such as a rapist, robber, etc.) you should be held to the letter of the law and be punished. You have done something wrong. I reminded her that unless she was out doing their job she had no right to judge UNLESS she knew all sided and could make an impartial decision. Right now her comments make her out to be a bigot and prejudiced. I am sorry when we allow others to influence our thinking to the point we hate everyone.


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